Moses & Jenny Yeo

Dear Solomon,

We had wanted to drop you a note earlier. Please excuse our procrastination.

The Holy Land Pilgrimage was truly spiritually enlightening.

In our years of travelling or going on tours, we had never met a better tour leader. Your perpetual patience, good humour, friendly disposition and attentive care made the 16days trip thoroughly enjoyable.

We have had begun to recommend you and your company to friends, colleagues and other church members.

Thank you once again. Hoping to meet you and Richard and maybe travel with you again.

God Bless,

Moses & Jenny Yeo
4th November 2010 Holy Land Pilgrimage.

P.s. Nadal was very good. Serious but good

John Yip

Hi Richard

Thought I should say “thank you” once again before we meet up this Saturday at Fr Paul Staes’ place for our get-together. You showed us what patience, warmth, care and concern, and quiet leadership could do to gel a group of fellow-travellers, as diverse in personality traits and interests as ours.

My wife, Therese (ChingYin) and I had a most spiritually uplifting and culturally enriching 19-day European Pilgrimage. We believe we have come away more discerning and more conscious of the presence of the Almighty and the role our Blessed Mother plays in our lives. Thank you very much.

We look forward to the fellowship at Fr Paul’s this Sat.

Cheers and Blessings,

Judith Holmberg

Dear Solomon,

Just wanted to let u know how much i enjoyed the pilgrimage you led. Thank you very much for all the patience and kindness you extended to me, for putting up with the fact that I walked slowly and had this terrible habit of nipping into shops.

The pace was killing, and frankly I’m half dead at the moment, but we covered a lot. i also found the accomodation was good, as was the food. I have no idea how you manage to put up with this month after month.


David & Veronica Tan

Hi Solomon

I hope by now you have recovered from the trip and have your well-deserved rest. We like to thank you for the good times we had recently, at times going out of your way to see that everything goes well – in spite of having not so friendly character on board – well it always happen during such trips – not the first time we encountered such a situation.

Thank you especially for arranging the wedding mass at Cana – it was really great – Praise the Lord. If God Willing we hope we can journey to Holy Land again in the not too distant future.

Take care and God Be with you on your other trips. We see you on 8 December.

David & Veronica Tan

Clara & Francis Yeong

Dear Solomon/Richard

This is Clara and Francis Yeong.

First we wish to thank you both for organising a great pilgrimage to the Holy Land. We enjoyed ourselves and also benefited spiritually & intellectually from the trip.

Yours is not an easy job esp. with so many different personalities, needs and wants, not to mention the food you have to endure again and again on each.

We hope you have a good rest before your next trip there and keep up the good work.

Angelin Seow

It’s been two-weeks since our group of 30 returned from a memorable and spiritually-enlightened pilgrimage. We would like to record our appreciation to Mr. Solomon Ambrose for his excellent service.

From the beginning to the end of the trip, Solomon has been extremely patient and considerate to our requirements. It was certainly not easy as our demands were constantly changing. Solomon did a remarkable job of arranging an extended side trip to Egypt juggling to include a half-day trip to Abu Simbel within the time-frame. Although it was not an easy task, Solomon exercised a great deal of flexibility in arranging a comprehensive itinerary, allowing us the opportunity to visit so many important sights.

We would also like to commend on the professionalism of the local guides. Apart from providing a lot of background and information, effort was not spared to ensure we enjoyed our visit. Owing to the flight delay, we were resigned to forgo the dinner cruise and welcoming our friends who arrived that afternoon, so it was a surprise when Bob (local guide in Egypt) and Solomon arranged the speedboat for us to join them on the Dinner Cruise. It was like being in a James Bond movie, an unforgettable experience to many of us.

Rauf, our guide from Israel was an excellent guide. He read the bible with so much enthusiasm and conviction that the narration helped us to appreciate our visit to the Holy Land and made it more meaningful. Although our group was not accompanied by a Spiritual Director, we are grateful for the special arrangements of daily masses in various churches. The pilgrimage would not have been complete and fulfilling without the masses.

Another pleasant surprise was the gift of ‘holy picture’. To many of us, it was a more meaningful gift than the usual travel bag. It was an ideal memento of our pilgrimage.

The quality of hotel and food was beyond our expectations. Apart from the Grand Pyramid in Cairo, all the other hotels were very good. We appreciate the thoughtfulness in arranging the variety of meals and the culinary experience at Amman on the final day.

Overall, we enjoyed the trip which went extremely well. Our best wishes to Solomon for making our pilgrimage and trip a very memorable and heart-warming experience.

We would also like to thank Jo for her helpfulness attending to our inquiry.

Yours sincerely,
Angelin Seow

Helene Tan

Hi Solomon,

When this e-mail gets to you , you might be out of town.
My brother, Peter, Lucy, Christina and I would first of all like to thank you for all the hard work you ‘ve put in to make our trip a pleasant and memorable one.

We’ve observed how you had gone out of your way to assist each and everyone of us whenever anyone encountered any problem.